Pa Kua Dragon Posture as demonstrated by Master Park Bok Nam

We are extremely fortunate to have a wealth of material to learn from, including two DVDs that accompany two books. Here is a sample of Master Park demonstrating the Dragon Posture.

Pa Kua Shaking Palm as demonstrated by Master Park Bok Nam

Palm strikes are fundamental to Pa Kua and are practiced in every single lesson, just after the warmup. Here, Shifu Park demonstrates the first palm strike exercise, tou chang (shaking palm). After continued practice, the student will be able to refine palm strikes into small whip-like movements using relaxed whole body power. Want to learn more? Turn up to the free class in Bracknell.

Pa Kua Dragon Back as demonstrated by Master Park Bok Nam

The Dragon Back movement is a segmented whipping of the spine to produce a “whip cracking” effect at the palms. The whipping of the spine is executed through a large range of motion so that the muscles of the upper and lower back which surround the spine become loose and supple. The motion is then refined so that the effect is achieved with minimal body motion. 

Pa Kua Circle Step as demonstrated by Jason and Russell