Chi Kung

The unique practices of Pa Kua Chi Kung

What is Chi Kung?

Chi Kung basically means ‘Energy work’ and involves circulation in the systems of the body.

What is the main purpose of Chi Kung?

The main purpose of ‘Chi’ or ‘Energy’ is for organ health and the health and well-being of the body and its systems.

What is the main reason for practicing Chi Kung?

The main reason for practicing Chi Kung is to keep the organs healthy. Chi Kung practice is performed by doing specific exercises to stimulate each organ and the muscle cavity which holds that organ. The exercises are designed movements which act in the natural direction of each organ and the muscles that hold it. i.e. twisting, lifting and extending. Like all muscles they function better when relaxed and supple. This supports operation of the organs as they were intended to operate.

How do you ensure that the Chi Kung you practice is effective?

The world we live in today is time pressured and it is therefore important that the time we spend exercising to maintain our health is used to its optimum effect. Therefore for the time that we ‘Put in’ we must ensure that, in return, this time spent yields the utmost benefit. We can do this by understanding the principles of what makes ‘Good’ Chi Kung and practicing with ‘Quality’. Quality is achieved by attention to detail. In particular the principle behind the individual exercise should be understood. Ultimately these principles must achieve a balanced way of exercising to yield good health.

What are the main principles of good Chi Kung?

The essence of good Chi Kung is captured in the following ‘Trinity’ or three principles practiced with attention to detail. These are all natural principles:

  • Breathing
  • Movement
  • Concentration
What aspects are key in the practice of good Chi Kung?
  • A balanced rhythm of yin and yang in the exercises performed.
  • A constructive cycle in the organs associated with elements common in traditional Chinese medicine – water, wood, fire, earth, metal.
How do the main principles of good Chi Kung actually work?
  • Breathing – Lungs need to be in good condition (their condition can be improved through specific breathing exercises) so that there is a more efficient transfer of oxygen into the blood. Deep slow breathing will send blood deeper in the body to nourish organs and muscles
  • Movement – Exercises the joints, which strengthens the muscles, tendons and ligaments. This also opens the joints for better circulation.
  • Concentration – Focus your mind to direct and control your Chi. Different intention can be use to achieve different results.
Why are the main principles important?

The main principles of good Chi Kung are all natural principles which we need to practice in order to survive. You cannot live long without breathing, moving or indeed focus. Focus is required to achieve anything. Improvement in all of these three areas will improve and maintain health and add to the quality of our lives.

Why is Pa Kua Chi Kung so unique and beneficial?

The secret to achieving the benefits afforded by practicing the unique exercises of Pa Kua Chi Kung, although not immediately obvious, exist in the squeezing, twisting, stretching and opening of the tantien. This together with the emphasis on tension and relaxation within these exercises increases the release of energy and improves circulation and is very beneficial for health.

Why is Circle walking a corner stone of Pa Kua Chi Kung?

‘Walking the circle’ is a corner stone of Pa Kua Chi Kung for many reasons such as:

  • It makes the body light (meaning good chi circulation)
  • Improves body alignment
  • Helps develop physical strength, cardiovascular health, improves balance and helps strengthen the organs
  • Is a walking mediation which improves the mind and body connection